Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring cleaning: Part 2

Our girls are lucky - they have a lot of cousins.  Part of having 11 girl cousins is the chance to get hand me downs and pass others along as well.

During my attempt at spring cleaning - which really ended up being me looking at all the junk in my house, having a panic attack, and doing absolutely nothing with any of it except moving some toys to the basement - I realized that we have not one, but two full tubs of girls shoes. 

Exhibit A - Sam's closet

Once I started digging through the box, I found a pair of shoes that Sam wore for dress up but that were too big last summer.  She went to put them on and one fit, but one didn't. 

Exhibit B - Pink Not-Crocs

The only thing that makes sense is that one seems cleaner than the other, so maybe we washed one and it shrunk?  But, unless one of the girls' cousins has two drastically different sized feet, these won't make it to the hand-me-down box.

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