Friday, April 15, 2011

Plan C

We are no strangers to sleep issues. I honestly can’t remember a time where we weren’t struggling in one way or another in this area, but I’d say the majority of the issues have always been with Addison. Samantha has her moments but usually, it only takes a day or two to get her back on track.

After several days of Sam only going to sleep if I was in bed with her, Jay and I decided to try a new plan. According to Jay, the girls are both much easier to put to sleep when I’m not around, so Plan B was for me to take Addi to dance class and Jay to stay home with Sam and get her to sleep. Then, Addi and I would get home around 7:30 and put her to bed. Game on.

We got to dance class and Addi was thrilled to see that she and Jill were wearing matching outfits. How cute are they? Then, I crossed my fingers that Jay would get Sam straightened out and all would be right in the Ralph house.

 Well, things didn’t go quite as planned for Jay and Sam.  First, I got a text from Jay saying “STALL!”, so Addi and I headed to Panera for dinner after class.  We had a GREAT time… We talked, made friends with some old lady, and just enjoyed each other.  

Once we got home Jay was downstairs, Sam was asleep, and we breathed a sigh of relief that Plan B seemed to work. He did have to lay with her for a bit but didn’t get stuck in there like I seem to, so we deemed the mission “successful.”

Until morning, that is. Because I quickly found out, a Sam who doesn’t fall asleep with mommy makes up for lost time with her by Not. Letting. Her. Out. Of. Her. Sight. Not even to pee.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to blow dry your hair while holding a 26 lb two year old??

On to Plan C.

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Loran said...

oh yes i do...except mine is a 19lb 1 year old!

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