Saturday, April 9, 2011

Getting into a "Routine"

When we had Addison, we still traveled a LOT.  So, we never got her into a bedtime routine, and that has ended SO well.  Or, not.  So when Samantha came around, we tried to build some basics.  Bedtime is still iffy but when it comes to our weekly schedule, we definitely have our set ways.

Each Saturday, Jay heads to get groceries.  He goes to Sam's Club, picks up the necessities (diapers, gum, and fruit), then goes to Walmart or HiVee for the rest.  And sometimes, he takes the kids with him, which is a HUGE treat for Samantha.  He always comes home to tell me how much both girls, but especially Sam, love Sam's Club. Sure, whatever, I think to myself.  How much can one kid really love a store that doesn't have a candy or toy aisle?  But I haven't grocery shopped in years so I smile, nod, and move on.

Last Saturday, Sam and I headed out for a Mommy/Sami date.  Easter dresses were on the agenda, with a quick stop at Sam's for fruit and yogurt.  After we left Kohls I told Sam that Mommy wanted to go home.  She said, "No! Sam's Club!"  I argued with her that I didn't feel great and she said, "Sam's Club will make you feel better."

So, of course we went to Sam's Club.  And I saw first hand the love this little girl has for her namesake store.  Toys and candy... whatever.  This store has SAMPLES.  And Sam knew where every. single. one. would be.  As she stuffed her mouth with shrimp, she'd say, "that way Mommy, there's one there!" and sure enough, a cheese sample was just beyond the bulk wine.  Beyond that, pizza. 

Look at this face.  True love at it's best.

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