Friday, April 22, 2011

A classic tale

I have always joked that Addi is our boy-crazy daughter.  But now that is not the case (you know, because she's FIVE) so Samantha has taken on that role in our family.  And she takes it very, VERY seriously. 

Forget the boys at school.  I mean, please, those boys are just so... available.  When one ran up to her the other day and kissed her goodbye, she brushed him off with an ease that was spooky.  No, those boys just won't do.

Instead, Sam has fallen in love with Jack.  Seven year old, thinks girls are yucky and would rather ride a dirt bike Jack from across the street.  She started with a simple wave here and there or a shy smile when he looked her way.  Next, she asked to go across the street to see Jack, but once we were there she'd hide between my legs and refuse to look at him.

Last week, things took a dramatic turn down Lovers Lane.  Mainly when I made a classic parenting mistake.  I told Sam that no, she could NOT see Jack.  Not because he's, as I mentioned, way too old for her or even not the slightest bit interested in a two year old, but because it was bedtime. 

I should have known better.  I've watched Lifetime television for Women and Gays... I know how this story ends.  Instead I stuck to my guns and two minutes later, Juliet Sam was clinging to the door, sobbing for her beloved Romeo Jack.

I finally gave in after 10 minutes and took Sam to see her true love.  Once there she promptly buried her face in my shoulder and refused to look up, while Jack played basketball and completely ignored her.

First loves.  Aren't they a treat.
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