Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We are a country music loving family. When I get sick of cartoons on Saturday mornings I turn on the country top 20 and we watch videos together, with Addi proclaiming every girl as “Taylor Swift” and insisting I replay her favorite videos over and over. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s a heck of a lot better than Spongebob.

One of the top 20 songs is “Voices” by Chris Young. The premise of the song is that he hears voices in his head, like his grandma telling him to be nice to girls, his dad telling him to work hard but don’t work your life away… all in all, a very nice song. And Addi, of course, loves it.

However, this morning she had her own version of “Voices” she wanted to tell me all about. This conversation took place about five minutes after I made her mad.

Addi: “Mom. You know what the voices in my head told me to tell you just now?”
Me: “What.”
Addi: “Mom, you are stupid.”


Addi: “But don’t worry Mom. I’m not listening to them.  I won't say that.”

Then, we drove the rest of the way to school in silence. Got to love Tuesday morning car rides.

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