Thursday, March 10, 2011

I might be a millionaire yet

I’m not really a gadget kind of girl. I don’t have an iPad, my music player is an off-brand and I sported a duct-taped-together laptop for 18 months. But I do love a good find when it comes to organization or keeping our house clean. Boxes, baskets, sticky hooks… I could spend hours at Ikea and I’ve given serious thought to buying stock in Magic Erasers. I’ve also always wanted to come up with one of these ideas and retire early in the Caribbean, but never seem to come up with the idea soon enough.

Addi, it seems, might be a gadget girl. She can operate our laptop and is easily swayed by commercialism. Case in point – her Touch N Brush and Snuggie. She's basically destined to have QVC on speed-dial by junior high.  I just need her to use her keen eye for something other than spending all my money and all will be right in the world.

A few days ago, we were eating popsicles. The old-fashioned, 250 for $5 kind that you freeze. We usually avoid these because the girls complain that their hands get cold and I spend most of the time pushing the ice up for them. Not that fun for mom.

All of the sudden, Addison darted upstairs with me yelling, “You better not drip that on the carpet!! What are you doing??!?”

She finally made her way downstairs with this hooked on her popsicle and instantly, I saw how smart she really is.
Do you know what that is? Here it is again, used in the fashion it was originally intended.

I was shocked that she 1. knew we had this and 2. thought of using it for something other than toothpaste. She was happy because she didn’t have to keep pushing the ice up and her hands didn’t get sticky like normal. And I instantly started thinking of ways to market this to moms everywhere.  St. Barts, here I come.

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