Sunday, February 20, 2011

My first vacation day of 2011

About a year ago, Jenny and I and a few other friends decided that this being Oprah's last season, we really needed to try to get tickets to her show.  The plan was to get tickets, freak out, drive to Chicago, stay the night in a hotel and enjoy a girl's night out, go to the show looking amazing, and drive home in our new cars we just knew Oprah would bestow on us.

A few weeks ago we all put in for tickets again (the window of opportunity is extremely short) and again did not get chosen.  Then, Jenny (aka Oprah website stalker extraordinaire) saw another chance to get last minute tickets and put in for them.  She got an email back a few days later asking her to pick one friend and head to Chicago for a taping.  She called me, we both completely freaked out, and then the planning began.

This past Thursday Jenny and I checked into a Chicago hotel and pondered our show topic over dinner and drinks. Then in what can only be described as giddiness, we headed to bed and woke up ready to meet our new best friend Oprah.

We were not disappointed.  We looked great, met some great people in line and were Facebook friends with them before even getting into the studio, and enjoyed over an hour of sitting 6 feet from Oprah.  Our show turned out to be a webisode so it was a bit different than we expected but all in all the experience was amazing.

And no, we did not get anything for free.  Aside from great memories!

Waiting in line
 Despite being February, the day could not have been nicer
 After the show
 Our new friends Tommy and Kate.  LOVE her jacket
 Yes, I'm that cool.

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