Sunday, February 20, 2011

The few... the proud... the pink

Each Monday (assuming she's healthy) Addi participates in her ballet/tap/tumbling class.  This last Monday we had a second "Parents Watch" week where we could observe the kids and see what exactly we are paying for.

The girls are really preparing for their recital in June so it was great to see what they are actually doing.  I gave serious consideration to posting a video of the girls dancing but I want everyone to be surprised at the actual recital and most importantly I don't want anyone else to have to go through life like me with the constant hum of "Spunky the Monkey" running through your head.  So, here are a few pictures and observations we made on Monday.  Enjoy.

Observation 1:  The girls did a great job paying attention for most of the class.  There was no nose picking this go round but at one point Jay asked if spinning in a circle was the equivalent to chasing butterflies in the outfield.  I think YES.

 Observation 2:  Addi really does enjoy the class, much to our bank account's dismay.
 Observation 3:  Sam really can't go more than a few minutes without eating.
And Observation 4:  I am surprised at how excited I am for the June recital.  I always knew Addi would end up on a stage, but knowing there will be no pole in sight really kind of chokes me up.  ;)

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