Monday, February 28, 2011

'Ear's looking at you, kid

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little girl named Addison.  And this girl loved her family, loved black olives, and loved being loud, but more than probably anything in the world, she loved her pacifiers.

She gave them up, but like any true celebrity, had several relapses. 

(She also feels for Charlie Sheen.  She knows how hard it is to give something up.  And to always be told to put your clothes back on.  It's just a cruel, cruel world sometimes.)

One day, Addi's mom had simply had enough.  She finally gave in and said, "If you throw your paci's in the garbage, you can get your ears pierced."  She didn't check with the dad, she just made this empty promise, knowing Addi would again relapse and she'd eventually send her to college wiith a paci.

Well, it's been several months since that fateful night and she tossed the paci's and never looked back.  So, this past weekend I finally owned up to my promise and off we skipped to Claires.  Her only requirement was that her Grandma Kathy take her, as I was taken by MY grandma when I was five and she wanted to continue the tradition.  I called Jay to ask if he minded that we do this while he was out of town and he said, "Nope, why don't you do it on Friday so she's done crying before I get home Sunday night."  Such a joker.

First, Addi got to pick out her earrings.  Her choice:  Pink flowers.
Next, her hair was pinned back and her ears were cleaned and marked.
We made sure to take a family photo before the earrings went in.  You know, just in case Jay was right.
Then, while she hugged her cat Crystal, the earrings went in.
[deleted: unflattering pictures of Addi crying.  But honestly, there was only one.  She did great.]

And, her BFF Jill was there the whole time, calming her down.  What a great friend. A new Justin Beiber necklace purchased by Grandma helped the tears stop as well.
And finally, the group enjoyed their suckers.  It was rough on them all.
She's already asked for her ears to be double pierced, just like mine.  I don't dare tell her I actually have seven earrings in my ears and [had] one in my belly button.  Lord knows what she'd ask for next.

1 comment: said...

Love it! Yea, I wouldn't tell her about the belly piercing! :)

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