Monday, February 7, 2011

And the party went on...

On Saturday, we stepped into unchartered waters.  We had our first kids-that-we-don't-know-but-Addi-does-come-to-her-birthday party.  So basically, an afternoon where earplugs are very much needed.

First, we played some pin-the-cutie-mark on the My Little Pony.  After some tears, the girls got it.  And Sam was by far the most enthusiastic player.  I caught her playing several times by herself.  In the dark.
  Then we burned some energy on the bouncer. 
 And some pinata fun followed.
 And thanks to my bestie Jenny, we actually got several pictures of the day including a cute family one.
Then the random kids left and Mommy finally got a beer.  And enjoyed the rest of the day and night with good friends, family, and this adorable girl.

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