Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Style and Grace

Each Monday Addison has her dance class.  Parents are kept outside and really have no idea how or what the kids are doing, which is probably for the best.  I'm sure the kids pay more attention to their teachers and us parents don't freak when we see how our kids act while dancing away our hard-earned money.

Right before Thanksgiving we had a "parents watch" week.  It was pretty fun to watch the kids show off their moves.  And after every "move", they all looked to see that their parents were watching.  We all had our cameras and I'm sure there are 100's of pictures, just like these, all over town.

Presenting.... First position!
 The ever popular fancy-foot-on-the-knee-arms-up-don't-tip-over position.
 And finally, the grand finale...  The "I'm-sure-all-dancers-pick-their-boogers-just-like-this" position.
I wonder if any other parents caught that one on film.

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