Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No pictures please!

Among some of the fabulous things that happened last weekend (Festival of Lights, baking with the kids all night Friday, a cookie swap with good friends, great time with the kids and their Papaw and Grandma Carol), there were a few negatives.

You know, small things like Sam yacking all over my bed on Friday night.  Then Addi, not to be outdone, barfing all over my bed on Saturday night.

After getting what might actually count as a 1/2 a night of sleep on towels amid random half-asleep conversations about fluke-pukes and washing the sheets Sunday morning, I woke up and felt...... Off. 

Then the "off" turned into "Holy moly what evil demon has possessed me and what ancient priceless artifact did I willfully destroy while laughing and poking cute babies in the eye to make me deserve this hell that might have been called the stomach flu if it weren't so amazingly evil that flu doesn't even come close to the torture this has given to me and my poor defenseless bathroom."

I like to have cute pictures to go with my blog.  I'll spare you that today, for your sake and mine.  Let's just say Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday have not been my best.  And I really hope that without pictures Jay will somehow erase the image of me sick from his brain. 

But, in an attempt to ring in 2011 with a positive, upbeat, updated Steph (aka Steph 2.0), I will now give you the list of positives I have made about our ill-fated weekend.

Things that ROCK about the stomach flu - by Steph 2.0
10. Super cheap Christmas shows your kids have been looking forward to for weeks are totally over-rated.  Who wants to get dressed up on a Sunday?

9. The Dettmans got an unexpected Christmas show and said it was great!  Awesome for them and letting someone else enjoy it actually made me feel good.

8. My inlaws have never left my house so fast.  Although sad to see them go, I now know what to do should I want to actually get rid of them in a hurry.

7. I honestly could have cared less when I saw the disaster the kids made while I was otherwise occupied.  Free day for them!

6. I got a break from everyday distractions, like Facebook, blogging, and showering.

5.  I napped.  A LOT.  Five hours, in fact, on Monday. 

4. I got to enjoy some friendly bantering about the flu with my other sick friend.  Sorry Beth :( Hope you didn't get this from me.

3. Addi and Sam got to work on their acting skills.  Namely by pretending to be Mommy and yelling "I'm gonna puke!  Rahhh! RAHHHH! Give me a bucket!"  Charming.

2.  You know how the last thing you eat before you get really sick is the last thing you want to eat for years?  Saturday night, I ate cookies.  Fingers crossed I never want another one again.

And, finally.

1. a 7 lb drop in weight.

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