Monday, December 13, 2010

It's in the cards

Jay has been working a lot of weekends.  Which means that I spend a lot of weekends yelling, cleaning moon sand out of hair, and trying, TRYING, to stop and smell the roses.  And while logically I know that I live a pretty stellar life (healthy kids, great husband, gainfully employed, no criminal record), life sometimes has a way of creeping up on you and making you want to take a nap in the clubhouse in the backyard. 

Explaining it this way makes the most sense to me.  Let's say I am a glass.  I can be filled up with a few big stressers or a lot of little tiny ones.  But, big stress or small stress, some days the glass is JUST full.  And it only takes a few drops of stress (or a few drops of juice, as it would be on Saturday) to make the glass overflow.  It doesn't matter that the issue isn't a huge one.  With a glass that full, a few more drops can be too much.

Needless to say, by Saturday night I was tired of yelling, my kids were grumpy, and my house still wasn't clean.  Toys and baby dolls were everywhere and a box of alphabet flashcards were strewn on the living room floor.  Out of principal, I refused to pick them up myself.  So I threatened, I yelled, and the cards continued to lie.

When I finally laid down to go to bed, my cup runneth over.  And not in a good way.  After a few nightmares about midgets (seriously, why is THAT my reoccurring nightmare these days???) I begged a higher power to give me some patience and maybe even a little sanity.  My kids aren't evil... But their mother sure sounds like she is when yelling at them.  Then I remembered someone telling me, "If you ask God for patience, he's going to give you chances to practice being patient."  And for some reason, that calmed me enough to fall into a deep sleep.

Sunday, I woke up and tried to enjoy the kids and their messy quirks.  So when Addi dug through a tub of too-small-Addi-clothes I had just spent an hour putting away, I applauded her sense of style. 

Then I took another picture, because really, the red sparkly shoes totally made the outfit.
Then I took a picture of Sam. Just because the kid is cute.
And then the girls hugged and reminded me again that even though those darn flashcards were still on the ground, life is way too short to get worked up over small stuff like that.
I'd like to wrap this up with a great lesson on how me relaxing and enjoying life led to Addison finally picking up the flashcards from the living room floor and my glass being empty of stress and full of love, respect, and peace on earth.  Instead, Addi DID pick them up, but only after a lot of tears and a (little) yelling from me.  And in true karma style, five minutes later Sam dumped them in the hallway. 

I think I'll just let them stay there. 

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Anonymous said...

Love the sparkly red shoes - what a little fashionista :)

- Kacy

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