Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A proud moment

In most houses, the fridge is a place of honor.   Ours is no exeption.  We have the obligatory birth announcement for a good friend’s baby, an adorable picture of our newest niece, and a picture of Addi pumping her first keg.   You know, what every family displays for the world to see.

And today, I was honored to add a picture Addi colored at school. I am so proud for so many reasons.
  • She did a great job of staying in the lines.
  • She took time to color in each piece, even skipping playtime to make sure it was perfect.
  • She was proud of her work and wanted to share it with the whole family. 

These are all great things. But mostly, I’m proud because this is the first picture she’s brought home in a long time that did not include a freehand drawing of something described as “just a girl peeing in the yard.” 
Really. It’s the little things that matter.


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