Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't try this at home.

Addi is wild in every way... attitude, outfit choices, hair...  We pretty much expect to find gum in her hair and know someday, she'll dye it some crazy color and turn my hair (more) grey.

Sam - she's the calm one (in most ways).  Even her hair is sweet and innocent... long, blond, straight with a cute flip at the end.  Her hair grows rediculously fast and I've always had hope that she'll have the long flowing locks I've always wanted.

Lately though... she started to resemble her sister. Like, in a feral child kind of way.  It wouldn't be so unmanagable except she is completely against anyone brushing her hair.  I have pretty much just ignored it but Wednesday Jay asked me when the last time her hair was brushed, and a little quick math made me realize.... 5 days before??????

That night, we washed her hair and I took one last picture of her long (tangled) hair.

Then, I did what every foolish mom has done at least once in her life.

I attempted to cut my kid's hair myself.  My wiggly, never stop moving kid.  Let me just admit it now... This very well might be the one and only time I attempt to do this myself. 

After 15 minutes, I decided it was straight enough and put the scissors aside.  In pigtails it looks cute, even if it isn't all that even.

Good thing she looks adorable in hats.

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