Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend in Review - by Sam!

Hi everyone! It’s me, Sam! I just got back from a super fun weekend in In-yee-an-aaaaaa! My mom said I was a super good girl all weekend and she was so proud of me for playing nice with my friends. I played babies and ate cheese and sang my ABC’s on command about a million times. I was very good.

Well, except the times I wasn’t. I got super mad when my mommy tried to make me sleep in a pack n play at naptime – hello! I’m a big girl like Addi and naps are for babies! – so I tried to climb out. Then mommy yelled at me, so I tried to climb out of the other side since I figured that’s why she was mad, then she SMACKED MY HAND. Can you believe that? I just wanted to hang out more with her. I thought about smacking her hand back but I was crying too hard. So mean.

I finally threw her a bone and laid down and took a nap. She looked so sad so I figured I’d do her a solid. But I made sure to sign heavily right before I laid down, so she KNEW I wasn’t happy. That got me a few hugs later so I totally won that. Score one for Sam!

I also got so mad when my mom tried to put me in ballerina jammies. HELLO. Has she NOT figured out that I am a total fashionista? I’m bringing Minnie Mouse back, one shirt at a time. I kept pointing to my bag and she kept trying to put that ugly pink shirt on me so finally I had to yell, “You know I look cute, so why you trippin’ mom? Give me what I want! Minnie Mouse rocks!” At least that’s what I tried to say but I haven’t mastered some sounds yet, so it sounded more like “Min-mouse shirt fun.” Mommy smiled when I said that and got my Minnie jammies out. Whew. I totally rocked those and everyone kept saying I looked cute. Duh. My Minnie jammies are currently in hardcore rotation. I even dug them out of the dirty clothes – what’s it to you?

The other time I got in trouble for taking a doll away from Ella after I was told to share. I swear I didn’t hear her say that the first time. I got a time out, and no one would even look in my direction. I cried louder and NOTHING. When my time was up I had to say sorry and give Mommy a hug. It’s like I’m gonna hug you lady? You’re the one that made me cry! I don’t even really know how to say sorry so I figured if I leaned my head against her shoulder that will be sorry enough. It worked. For the record, I’m not sorry!

Playing at Mitch and Mindy’s was pretty fun though. They had babies all over too! Every time I looked I’d see a new one and yell BABY! But I’m a little worried about my mom – every time a new baby came in the room and I got excited about it, she’d say, “Sam, that’s Ella. See? She’s wearing the same shirt.” I might have to talk to daddy about her – doesn’t she know that all babies wear the same thing? I want a house like that someday, full of new babies. 

Other than that, it was just a regular weekend. I mastered a song called Apple Annie and have been rocking that all weekend. You should see me in action. I’m like a prodigy. I chased Sheffield the cat a LOT. I stole Ella’s baby a few more times when mommy wasn’t looking. I made cookies with Mindy and threw sprinkles on the floor. I followed Addi around relentlessly.  My grandma showed up TWICE and I freaked out both times.  Man I love her.  She gives the best hugs.  I know she loves me best, too.

Oh, and Mitch and Mindy’s house is MAGIC. I went to sleep both nights with mommy in her bed, and when I woke up I was in the dreaded pack n play. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!?! I get a little freaked out by the voodoo witchcraft so I made sure to yell really loud to scare off any evil spirits. Luckily I had my sweet new Pillow Pet to throw and Mommy to cuddle with. When daddy found out about the magic he headed downstairs and slept in the basement. He’s the smartest.  Plus, he has really bad breath at night so I was pretty happy he left me and mommy alone in the bed.

That was my trip in a nutshell.

OH OH OH. I also figured out how to really make Addi mad. Take her super cool water bottle from her and drink it all. She gets MAD and cries and yells and throws huge fits. TOTALLY takes the watching eyes off of me. She threw an apple at mommy’s head today and I sat there and ate all her chips while Mommy was glaring at Addi. I’m gonna have to put that in my bag of tricks.

I have some really cute pictures I made Mommy take of me, but I can’t reach the kitchen counter so I’ll have to have her put them on here. But for now I better go pretend to sleep – Mom is heading to bed soon and I think I’m going to try out the “I’m scared of my room” trick tonight. It’s been working for Addi for a long time now so I’m going to have to up my game and maybe throw in some dry heaving. Addi, you think you are the only dramatic one in this family? Think again. BRING IT.


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