Friday, September 10, 2010


Even though I would love to have a son, one of the perks of only having girls is not having to deal with the boy “parts.” So, when I got our potty seats out of storage recently (since apparently Sam goes potty at school all the time and is totally holding out on us at home?? What’s THAT about??), I went ahead and put the little “splash guard” in the bathroom cabinet. I didn’t want to throw it away, just in case we someday have a boy, but Sam obviously doesn’t need it.

I will now be throwing it away. Why, you ask?

Because I caught Addi using it as a drinking glass.

And I was completely lost in trying to explain to her exactly WHY she shouldn’t do that. It’s never been used so realistically, it’s probably pretty clean. But still. It’s gross. And really, I don't ever want to try to have to explain to her what it's for.

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