Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rubber Ducky... You're the One (of 20,000)!

One of the perks of our kids being in daycare is the friendships that are being made. It is great to see our kids bond with their classmates and know that there’s a good chance some of these kids will their friends for years to come. Jay and I both have people we still keep in touch with from grade school, so it’s pretty neat to see those lifelong friendships forming.

But I’m not talking about THOSE perks.

I’m talking about the upgrade to Jay and I’s social calendars.

It’s not rocket science. But when we want some interaction with people who do not share our DNA, we schedule a play date. The kids get to run around, the moms get to talk, the dads get to drink beer… It’s really win-win for everyone.

This weekend Addi and I had a mommy/daughter day with her best daycare friend, Sydney. Although when Addi says it, it sounds more like “Syd-did-d-ney.” Too cute.

Addi, Syd-did-d-ney, Beth and I hit the Peoria riverfront for the 22nd Annual Duck Race to Stop Abuse. You buy some rubber ducks, the money goes to an amazing cause, and your kids get to run around like crazed loons. A perfect Sunday if you ask me.

After face painting, a few meltdowns including Addi screaming “You are still my best friend but I’m really really mad at you Syd-did-d-ney!”, and ice cream, we watched the 20,000 ducks get pushed down float unassisted down the river. Our ducks did not win, but we had a great time regardless and the kids hopefully learned a little bit more about giving back. I know Beth and I learned more about mediation and tricking your kids into not arguing over balloons, stickers, and beach balls.

Here’s hoping our next play date includes beer.

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