Friday, September 24, 2010

Marching, Marching

A few weeks ago my new friend Beth asked if Addi and I would like to help support the Center for Prevention of Abuse by marching in the Morton Pumpkin Festival Parade with them and throwing out candy.  I knew Addi had absolutely loved hanging with Quacky the Duck at the Duck Race so I told her we'd love to. 

Then I asked Addi if she wanted to help, she asked if she could hold Quacky's hand and eat all the candy.  Probably not.

When Saturday finally rolled around, Addi started to get nervous.  I don't think she really knew what to expect so she said her tummy hurt and she didn't want to get Quacky sick.  Since Quacky's head was riding in the back of the car, I decided that was the time to explain to her that characters aren't real, just a costume with people inside. 

After inspecting said Head from the inside out, she was ready to march.  Apparently her tummy ache disappeared as fast as the Laffy Taffy she found under Quacky's head.

She and Syd-did-di-ney looked adorable and took their jobs VERY seriously.  A breakfast made entirely of candy helped the cause. 
So did hanging out with Dora.
Once the parade started I seriously could NOT have been more proud.  While I wasn't sure what to expect, Addi surpassed all my expectations.  She smiled, waved, threw candy, stayed with the group, and required absolutely NO reminders to behave.  Even when it started to sprinkle, she kept marching and tossing the candy.

And when it started lightening and we took cover in a random garage, she passed out candy to those people as well, never once complaining about being wet or cold.  
Pretty amazing day.

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Beth said...

It was still a fun day even if we were standing in the middle of the road watching the lightning with our four year old children. I told Gary we would do it next year!

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