Monday, September 27, 2010

Just a little help

Just like everyone else, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. Dishes sit in the sink, laundry always needs to be folded, and my TiVo really, really misses me. My windows are dirty, my car smells like feet, and I can tell you without even looking that there is probably something sticky all over the kitchen table right this very minute.

After we had Samantha, Jay and I were both in agreement that we couldn’t do it alone, so we hired help. Enter our sanity, wrapped up in the form of a cleaning lady. Every other week I know my floor will be mopped, my showers will be cleaned, and all I have to do is pay for it. Worth every penny.

So, every other Wednesday we pick up the house, putting toys where they go and shoes in the closet so Mary can just come in and clean. I write a note with instructions, leave out some cash, and when I come home from work on Thursday the house is gorgeous.

This past Thursday I got a call from Mary at work. She wondered where the vacuum was (in the basement, oops) and if I had put her money somewhere new? I assured her it was on the counter and she assured me I was wrong. I called Jay to see if he picked it up – nope. I checked my wallet to see if I picked it up – nope. Then I made a quick dash to my car and found all the money tucked nicely into Addison’s wallet.  I was shocked.

I talked to Addi about it when she got home and she assured me she didn’t know she did anything wrong – she just thought if it was out then it was up for grabs. But that day I added three more things to my “I’m grateful for…” list.

1. That Mary was understanding and willing to let me pay her next time.  2. That Addi really DID think she did nothing wrong and I most likely don’t have a klepto on my hands.  And 3. That Addi forgot her purse in my car. I’m pretty sure she’d be handing out $20s on the playground.

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