Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just Call her Grace

We finally signed Addi up for dance lessons a few weeks ago. It’s pretty cool for her – she has 20 minutes of ballet, 20 minutes of tap, and 20 minutes of tumbling so she can figure out what she likes and what she’s good at. And, her friend Jillian is with her, so she has a friend and I have someone to talk to while we wait.

And, it’s pretty fun to watch them dance. 15 little girls, all wearing tights and leotards, oblivious to how cute they are. And, sticking their bellies out. So funny.

I do admit, I was pretty worried about how Addi would act in class. So imagine my shock when she actually listened! And did what the teacher said! And, didn’t fall completely on her butt! I figured it was a first class scared thing, but during class two she also listened!

I pretty much expect her to run screaming from lesson three. But who cares… At least she’s got the cute outfit.

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