Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Special Skills

Back in the days when I was desperately looking for a job, I did a lot of interviewing. Good jobs, bad jobs… I didn’t really care as long as they would pay me. Considering my first job at 16 included my car getting stolen and a knife being pulled on me, I think it’s obvious that I am not too picky.

One of the random questions I got asked was “If you could be an animal, which one would you be?” I’m guessing the answer they are looking for is something like an eagle (so I can soar to new heights, be respected, etc.) but all I really wanted to say was “I’d like to be a cat. A big fat cat. Because they lay around, like people to brush their hair and know they are better than everyone else. OH, and best of all they sleep like 18 hours a day. That’s my dream.”

It’s shocking that my first post-college job was a waitress, right?

Well, 10+ years later and I am older, wiser, and gainfully employed at a company that doesn’t require me to wear a shirt adorned with a fish or pack a gun. But if some stranger asked me the animal question today, I’d still answer it the same. Because being able to nap on command is pretty much my biggest talent. Well, being able to nap AND completely ignore my surroundings. I’m a pro.

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