Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little White Lies

One of the skills Jay and I have mastered since becoming parents is the art of the “white lie.” It started small… telling a cute baby old Addi that certain foods were totally yummy when they looked like poo. Before we knew it, we were making up stories about assorted fairies and Addi was standing at the end of the driveway, yelling because her bike was repossessed by the Paci Fairy. Our lying skills are apparently better than our stick-to-it skills as I think everyone knows from our experiences with the paci.

Side note…. We are OFFICIALLY 100% paci free in this house! Woot to the Woot Woot! I have to take the kids to get their ears pierced now but hey, still cheaper than braces.

Sadly I do believe my days of stretching the truth are coming to an end. Sunday night I was on the computer and not really wanting to fight with Addi to go to bed. It’s a huge long drawn out fight most nights and I wasn’t up for it, so being the good mom I turned on Spongebob and let her go to bed with me at 10. Only 1.5 hours past her bedtime, I figured one time wouldn’t hurt.

Monday morning I (shockingly) couldn’t wake Addison up. She was super tired and I finally got fed up and said, "Addi, YOU wanted to stay up late.  You knew you'd be tired.  You have to get up for school."

She looked at me and said, "No Mommy, you decided to not take me to bed.  You made that choice, not me."


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