Friday, August 27, 2010

Caution: Drama Ahead

Several times a week, I look at my kids and my house and if I squint, I can imagine my living room as a frat party.

Just a few examples:
  • 75% of the stains on my carpet are from spilled drinks.
  • The other 25%… pee.
  • I find cups half full all over and rarely think twice about taking a swig from one.
  • The toilet paper roll is empty a LOT.
  • There is hysterical laughter anytime someone toots.
  • It seems that we don’t know how to flush a toilet, shut a door, or turn off a light.
  • The kids rarely walk in a straight line and spontaneously fall down out of nowhere.
  • I see a lot of butts.

My house resembles a sorority too. Because at least once a day, you find a girl sobbing uncontrollably and you have no idea what happened. They can’t articulate what the issue really is and by the time you calm them down, they can’t remember anyway. And when they get stressed, the drama level escalates faster than my cholesterol after pizza.
Last night was one of those times. Addison freaked out over a cookie, then preceded to cry and scream in her room for 45 minutes. When she finally calmed down I went in her room and saw how a dramatic four year old deals with stress. 

Her stickers, moved into groups by colors.
Maybe I can figure out a way for her to deal with stress by cleaning bathrooms or folding laundry.


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