Thursday, July 15, 2010

Turning 16

Last weekend Grandma let Addi play with her cell phone while at the park. And then Addi told anyone (and seriously, I mean anyone) all about it.

“I’m 16 today.”

“Today’s my birthday! I’m 16!”

“I got this cell phone for my birthday. Today. Today’s my birthday, ‘cause I’m 16.”

“My phone cost $20. On my birthday.”

“Shhhh…” [holding up one finger] “I’m texting my friends. Because it’s my birthday.”

“Grandma, I just pushed a few buttons. Then I emailed all my friends.”
It was cute, it was annoying, and it was just irritating enough to make us laugh.

After introducing herself to pretty much everyone in the entire playground, she showed off her phone to some little boys, who were in love with her phone too.  The one in the black shirt?  She declared him "Awesome."
I do believe I'd rather her be Phone Crazy vs. Boy Crazy.

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