Monday, July 12, 2010

Road Trip!

This past weekend the girls and I headed to Indianapolis for a whirlwind visit. One of my ‘invisible online friends’ was going to be in the area for a wedding, so the timing worked out well. Jay chose to stay home and shampoo the carpets – a job that is best done with no children around – so the girls and I loaded up some tunes, movies, and a few stuffed animals and took off on a road trip Friday after work. I laid down the rules – minimum whining and only necessary stops – loaded movies into the DVD player, and headed east.

Twenty minutes later we had our first stop. Addi and Sam were hungry.

After a surprisingly uneventful, clean and fun dinner at McDonalds and a pit stop in what could qualify as the nastiest McD’s bathroom ever, we headed east again.

We made it an entire hour before our next stop. Sam’s tummy hurt and from the loud noises coming from her direction, I assumed a poo was in order. We stopped at a Dairy Queen, got a few cones and waited for nature to take its course.

Addi proved that she’s her mother’s daughter by making friends almost immediately at the DQ. When a group started towards the door she jumped up and insisted on holding the door for them, then introduced herself to each of them. The youngest person in the crew was a mere 65 so Addi fit right in. She climbed on up to their table and started a conversation with them, and when it came time to leave she was heartbroken to leave her new posse. Well, until she got outside and found a man with a baby and a dog to talk to.

We finally made it to Indy a mere five hours after leaving Peoria (regulary a 4 hour trip, max), thanks to some construction on 465. After filling Grandma in on every turn we made, we headed to bed and woke up Saturday ready for a full day of visiting. We headed over to the Rude house, home of Kelly (my kindergarten BFF), Adam (the hubby), and Elliott and Thomas (two of the cutest boys you have ever seen). Oh, and Gus and Phoebe, the dogs. Addi quickly renamed the dogs and Sam quickly decided she loves babies. She insisted on Elliott sitting between her legs and was quite upset when he didn’t want to.

Still friends, 26 years later...

Thomas, Sam, Elliott, and Addi
After catching up with EA, Helen and Ed too, we headed to Castleton to meet up with Mandee, Jack, Graham, Emily, Barrett, and Uncle Phil. Barrett, Jack and Samantha are all kids from our “May Miracle’s” online birth board, so it’s always fun to get kids from the board together and meet “in real life.” Mandee and I have hung out on several occasions but this was the first chance I got to meet Emily and Barrett.

Addi was in heaven… that’s another post entirely. Sam was also in heaven, but that’s because she spotted a baby and became Graham’s right hand gal. She then insisted (for the next hour) that she must hold “THE BABY!” and once we left kept asking “where baby go?”

It was pretty cute. NOT cute enough to have another baby quite yet. But very, very sweet.

Sam and "her" baby, Graham

Sam, Me, Mandee, Jack, Graham, Emily and Barrett

We headed back to my moms, got MORE ice cream, then went to bed. Sunday morning we had breakfast with another friend, Lynda, then headed home.

For those of you who haven’t fallen comatose from this boring blog, I have to tell you… This weekend was one of the best I can remember. Yes, Jay wasn’t with us and the girls and I both had our moments when we weren’t at our best, but the little moments were just SO FUN. The kids both singing, majorly off-key to every song on my not-Pod. Then getting so excited to hang out with Grandma… Sam getting over her fear of dogs and babies… Just them being THEM. I wouldn’t trade a second of it. And can’t wait for another weekend just like this.

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