Friday, July 23, 2010

"Hi" Heels!

Just like eye color, I think a love for shoes is genetic. My mom has hundreds of pairs and as a kid I remember shoe shopping as the highlight of my week. And even when the rest of my room was a total disaster, I loved lining my shoes up in my closet and just looking at them. Especially the totally uncomfortable, impractical ones. Those are always the most fun to have on display.

Obviously, Sam has inherited the shoe fetish as well. Most mornings when I go in her room she’s sacked out with her shoes/boots/Crocs still on her feet. When I try to take them off to get her dressed, she freaks out and then calms down the second I put them back on her.

Addi is less picky about shoes – she prefers flip flops most days. However, this week she’s insisted on wearing her dress up high heels to school, and each night Sam has asked to wear them to bed. Addi freaks out, crying “NO, they are MY shoes!”, then Sam cries, then I distract her with her shiny red boots and all is right with the world again. Then we repeat the next day.

Well, Wednesday night Addi was feeling generous. So when Sam proudly donned the purple heels, Addi just kissed her goodnight and waved to her as she went to bed. After ensuring Sam was tucked in with her heels sticking out of the blanket (so she could admire them of course!) I headed to bed.

When I went to wake Sam up on Thursday, I just had to laugh.

Instead of sleeping in the shoes, at some point Sam took them off and displayed them in a place of honor. Then went right back to sleep.

She is SO Kathy’s granddaughter.

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Erin said...

That a girl!

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