Saturday, July 10, 2010

Addi surprise

It’s no secret that Jay is an amazing cook. No recipe needed – he just whips of great food each and every night with what seems like barely any effort whatsoever.

Me… Well, my domestic ineptitude is pretty much legendary. Nights when I am in charge of dinner we very frequently have PB&J or hotdogs. I can bake though – I follow the directions to the letter and it turns out just fine. I just usually choose not to. Why take over what Jay so obviously has already mastered? I don’t ask him to take over what I’ve perfected… Like laying on the couch, reading and ignoring the kids. It takes skilz to multitask like that.

Over the last few months, Addi has started to want to help in the kitchen. In the past she always wanted to help me do the dishes, but now she’s getting more into the food prep. She and Sam pretend to make stuff in the play kitchen and quite regularly I find little plates on the stairs, lined up for snack time.

A few nights ago I found Addi making her own special treat. She was very excited to share the recipe with me too. So the next time you come over, ask her to make you some “Addi surprise”.

Fruit snacks dipped in Jergen’s Lotion. Yum.

**Don’t worry. I have poison control on speed dial.**

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