Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two times the fun

After the big bash that is the standard first birthday party, we haven’t made as big of deals about the girls’ birthdays. I guess we kind of figure that once they are old enough to really have friends they will totally hose us when it comes to blowouts, so we should keep it simple during these early years.

We were in California on Samantha’s second birthday, so we took advantage of the scenery and planned an afternoon picnic by the pool. Sadly on that Saturday it was a balmy 60 degrees so while we were by the pool we were wearing sweatshirts.
It didn’t matter. We still cooked out, opened presents, and hung out with our family. My cousin Shannon also happened to be in town so it was great to catch up with her as well!
When it was time for cake we headed inside and dove into an amazing one Roxy and Lee brought. So darn good!
At the end of the night, Addison and Jay went downstairs for one last dip in the hot tub and within minutes, Sam passed out.
Today was Sam’s two year check up at the doctor. According to the doctor she is very bright, right on target for milestones, and has the biggest blue eyes she has seen. She also needs to ditch the paci – yeah, right.
Here are her measurements:

Weight: 26 lbs 4 ounces (45%)
Height: 33.75 inches (45%)
Head Circumference: 19.5 inches (90%)

Aside from the statistics, Sam has also started exceling in other ways, namely blaming others for her misdeeds.  Today at the doctor, she tooted.  When I said, Sam, was that you? She said, No, it Addi.  Addi was of course at school, miles away.

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