Monday, June 14, 2010

Two left feet

Knock on wood, but so far Samantha is the polar opposite of Addison at this age. By two, Addi had already learned to completely dig her heals in and fight back, no matter what the request. If it was not her idea, she was not on board. It didn’t matter if it was something fun, like a trip for ice cream, or something not so fun, like a diaper change. If Mommy suggested it, NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO! was the response.

Sam, on the other hand, goes with the flow. She’s a laid back gal who smiles, waves, and agrees to almost anything. Don’t get me wrong, she might not want her diaper changed, but instead of literally holding on to the door frame in rebellion (a la Addi), she’ll whine for a second, then when you say, “Come on Sam! We’ll change you and then play!” and she’ll run right over, grab a diaper, and wait. She’s what dreams and sane parents are made of.

The one thing Sam is pretty particular about is shoes. Not in the mornings or when we are going on a trip… she could care less. But five minutes before bed she freaks out looking for just the right pair. Lucky for her, she has a large tub of hand-me-down shoes in her closet to pick from. Crocs, knock off crocs, flip flops, patent leather dance shoes, snow boots… They have all been tried on and slept in the last few months. The pairs rarely match and most times, she’s got two lefts or two rights, but she’s content and sleeps through the night in her own room.

I’ll take that over non-stop fights any day.

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