Monday, June 21, 2010

Special Person of the Week

Addi has been in Blue Room since last fall.  Last month she got the chance to be the special person of the week and she took that responsibility very, very seriously, insisting I sit down and do the interview portion of the project with her that same night.  However, someone (ahem, Steph) kept forgetting to print off pictures so her week of fame kept getting pushed out.  Ater some prodding and guilty looks, I finally remembered last week and we got to work on her display.

I gave Addi a paper plate to do her self portrait and she insisted on also doing on for her unicorn, Emma.  I don't know who worked harder on these... Addi or her daddy.  Turns out he's some sort of pipe-cleaner art genius.  I have a feeling that skill will come in handy later in life.

The only person who is more proud of Addi and her display than, well, Addi, is her sister Sam.  Every morning and every night, Sam stops by to point at the pictures, then give her daddy's picture a kiss.
In Blue Room, Addi gets to be special for a full week.  But to us, she's special all the time.

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