Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Babies on the brain

I swear, before the stretch marks even had time to fade, people started asking if/when we are having another baby.  And the answer is pretty much always the same.  "Are you INSANE!" followed by my best Beevis and Butthead impersonation... "Um, heh heh... Um, not anytime soon, heh heh."

Well, it's official.  We have babies on the brain. 
The day after we got back from California, Addi was playing on her swingset and came running back to the house.  She found a bird next and inside, eggs!  I quickly followed her and confirmed said eggs, then we started waiting for the five newest additions to our yard to hatch.

Yes. There are only four eggs in that nest.  But Addi found a fifth egg and has taken to keeping this one in the house.  She even took care to put oven mitts on before handling the precious cargo... You know, to keep her scent off the egg.
Addi and Sam were elated to watch this feathery miracle form before their eyes.  Jay, however, had plans to powerwash and stain the swingset so he was a tad less excited.  However, an early father's day gift of a giant meat smoker gave his weekend purpose after all. 

Sunday morning we checked in on the birds and viola... they had hatched! 
And for the record, I'm totally fine with these being the only fertilized eggs in this house for QUITE a while.

Addi is still waiting on her special egg to hatch.  I sure hope she isn't disappointed.

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