Monday, June 7, 2010

Another (gulp) Milestone

After almost a year and a half of potty training Addison, I haven't been looking forward to doing this with Samantha.  The advice that has stuck with me the longest is "When you think they are ready, wait six months."  And with Addi, that was totally the case.

A few weeks ago someone asked me when I was going to start potty training Sam.  I laughed and said, "We are SO far from that.  She's not showing any signs at all."

Famous last words!

The next day Sam woke up from a nap and called to me.  I took my time getting upstairs but when I opened the door, my pace quickened.  In fact, I pretty much ran straight to the poopy diaper she had so delicately tossed from the bed, then got to work cleaning up the mess.

I hoped the discarded diaper was a bit of a fluke, but a few hours later I walked into the hall and saw this:
Turns out, the one sign of readiness that Addi never showed, Sam already has. She doesn't like to be wet or dirty.  And the second she wets or dirties her diaper, off it must go.

Here goes nothing.

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