Saturday, May 22, 2010

Settling In...

Once we got settled in we started checking out our home for the next week. Besides being on the water, there was a huge pool, koi pond, putting green, waterfall, and tons of beautiful landscaping. The fish were just insane and the girls absolutely loved to feed them.
The pool was heated to 80 but it was only about 62 degrees outside… too cool for swimming for Sam and I but Addi talked Jay into a quick swim. Luckily they had a HUGE hot tub that wasn’t overly hot and both girls loved going in. We got in there almost every day on vacation.
We chose southern California as our vacation spot because it was pretty close to Jay’s brother Adam and my brother Lee, so we spent as much time with them as we could. They all came to our place on Sunday and we spent some quality time together.

I have blogged several times about Addi's adoration of Sabrina.  The girls have almost 20 cousins and to Addi, Sabrina hung the stars.  Needless to say, she was beyond excited to get to see her.  I almost cried when we were sitting in the hot tub...  Addi and Sabrina were on the stairs and Addi quietly told Sabrina, "I miss you so much, all the time." 

There are no words at times like that. 

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