Thursday, May 27, 2010

Identity Crisis

Sam hasn’t been much of a talker. I’m guessing that the fact that her sister and mom never really shut up hasn’t really helped her express herself verbally. But, as time goes on she’s speaking more and more. She most definitely has the words “No” and “Mine” down, that’s for sure.

One of the things she seems to not quite “get” is her own name. She is a pro at saying everyone else’s… Addi is “Ah-ee!”, her daddy is “Jay” and I am “Mommy,” but ask her who she is and she is stumped. She only calls herself “Ah-ee.” Not Sam, not I, not me. Just Addi. Having self-recognition is one of the milestones they look for at her age, so I try to correct her as much as possible and tell her she’s Sami. Plus, do we really need two Addi’s in this house? I think not.

Since being home from California, I’ve noticed Sam verbalizing a lot more than before. She repeats everything Addi says and speaks much more clearly. On Saturday we were getting ready to go to the park and I could have sworn I heard Sam say, “Boss.” I stopped and said, “What did you say, Sam?” and she said, “Addi ‘da boss!” and pointed to her sister.  After laughing I quickly explained to her that no, mommy and daddy were the bosses, not Addi, and when I asked her to tell Jay who the boss was she quickly said, “Mommy.” Awesome.

At the park we met Jenny, Ron, Jill and Ryan for a picnic. After we got settled I told Jenny that Sam had learned something new, then said, “Sam, tell Jenny who’s the boss!” She got a cute grin on her face and said, “Me!”

Of course.

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