Monday, May 3, 2010


This weekend the girls and I went to get our haircut. Sam has great hair - it's blond, it's straight, and it has this cute little flip at the ends that I find adorable. Even at the end of the day, it still can look respectable if you run a comb through it.  A quick trim and she's good for a few months.
Addi is a different story. Her hair, like her personality, is a little on the wild side. Most days she resembles a feral animal of some sort, even when we try hard to make her look presentable. It doesn’t help that most days she refuses to let me pull it back in any way. And if it looks OK when she leaves the house, it still appears as if something crawled up in there and made a nest by day’s end.

A "good" hair day... notice the syrup smeared in
I asked Addi how she liked her hair and she (as she pushed it out of her eyes for the 100th time) said, “I want short hair like you, Mommy!”


Patricia said...

Her new haircut looks adorable! And hopefully is easier for Mommy too !

life as we know it... said...

SOOOO cute! Love it, and love those girls... you made me crack up with the "Feral animal" comment... hilarious, but yes, so true... not with your kid, with MINE! ;)

amy99jane said...

I love the haircut.

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