Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Truth or Dare

I assume it’s typical for little kids to lie. Despite the books we read each night regarding the perils of lying to your parents, Addison is still set on honing in on her lying skills. The threat of her nose growing or being swept off to sea does not sway her will in any way. I did a bit of research on this phenomenon and she’s right on target developmentally. Four year olds fib, and that’s no lie.

Thankfully Addi hasn’t quite mastered the art quite yet.

Me: Addi, what are you doing behind the couch?
Addi: Nothing!
Me: Are you sure?
Addi: I do not have a paci back here Mom! [sucking sound coming from behind the couch]


Me: Addi have you seen any of Sam’s paci’s? I can’t find any?
Addi: Nope. And I didn’t hide ANY in your bathroom closet.

If only life were always this simple.

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