Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who doesn't love a parade?

With the warmer days and brighter nights, we are again starting to enjoy our neighborhood. The walking trails, park, pond – there is always somewhere the girls want to walk to, or, better yet, ride their bikes or wagon to. I am SO incredibly happy we moved to this great neighborhood. It’s nice, it’s safe, and we don’t have trashy neighbors – what more could you ask for?

One night last week we got home from daycare and decided to take an impromptu walk to the park. I didn’t bother to change the kids clothes even though they were a mess from school, and since Addi has been potty trained for months and Sam is almost two, we headed out with nothing but our wagon and juice boxes, ready for a relaxing neighborhood stroll.

Or so I thought.

At the park, Addi took one trip down the slide before realizing it was still super wet from the rain earlier that day. So, she started freaking out about her butt being wet and after a few minutes of her whining, I finally relented and said we could go home.

Addi calmed down long enough to climb in the wagon then freak out again because not only was she cold but she was now sitting on wet pants. While she was melting down I managed to peel Sam off the slide and toss her into the wagon. Then we headed home among protests from both girls.

And then, their whines turned into screams.

Addi was uncomfortable. Her pants were so yucky. Sam wouldn’t sit down, despite being buckled in. That made Addi mad. She wanted to stand up too. I forced Sam to sit. She started to scream louder. I forced her again and caught a whiff of the reason for her not sitting… WOOF. Addi screamed more about her wet butt. I finally said “Just take off your pants, you are wearing a dress anyway!” and Addi did just that, lifting her dress completely and taking off both her pants and undies. Showing the whole world her business. Sam continued to yell and I pulled that wagon as fast as I could.

So there we went… a screaming, stinky, pants-less parade through my nice, classy neighborhood.

I’m starting to think WE are the trashy neighbors.


life as we know it... said...

HILARIOUS! Must have sucked at the time... I know that anytime both kids are screaming, I instantly start to drip sweat... but you sure gave me a good laugh! Hope all is well ;)

Kathy said...

Steph that is friggin' hilarious!!! Ahh, the reality of parenthood!!!

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