Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't be a drag

I pretty much hit the jackpot with my uncle Phil. Not only does he just adore me (and really, why wouldn't he?) but he treats both of my kids like royalty. Just like he has done for the past 30 years with my brother and me, he has fallen right into the uncle roll by spoiling my kids whenever he can. Phil is also never without his trusty sidekick (and partner) Mike, so it's a double bonus for us. The kids quite simply adore Phil and Mike and love every minute they get to spend with them.

During Christmas 2008 we were still in the depths of potty training Addison. To help us out, Phil literally risked his life in an ice storm to get Addison the coolest present - a doll that does her business on command. You train the doll and over time, she actually becomes potty trained. She came with some diapers, a bottle, and a little potty. Just like this.

Despite the best of intentions from all involved, Addi did not learn to use the potty from this doll. She did in fact become potty trained but the doll had nothing to do with it. Truth be told, the doll was very VERY cool... but very VERY much resembled a drag queen. A bad queen at that. She also talked more than me after two beers and when her batteries died, we just let her be.

When I thought about Phil driving in an ice storm to get this great present and us not using her to her full potential, I started to feel guilty. I decided that when it came time for Sam to use the potty, I'd look past the obnoxious eyeliner this doll has on and embrace her design.

Then, I saw this while playing with Sam in the basement.

My guilt has been lifted. My dread of working with Sam to become potty-trained, however, is growing by leaps and bounds.


Icky d'african! said...

That is funny! Way to go Sam!

amy99jane said...

That is so freaking cute!!!

Jenny Ridens said...

Big girl on a little potty. Ha...that's hilarious.

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