Monday, March 29, 2010

Our little "boys"

We have two girls.  Two cute, baby doll loving, dollhouse and kitchen playing, nails painted, makeup adoring girls.  And even our "boy" toys are girly... we have a Dora the Explorer baseball glove, pastel legos, a pink bat, princess bikes, and our swing set has a flower box built in.

Poor Jay.  He's a football playing, beard growing, beer drinking man.  And he's raising two princesses.

Last week during a girl's trip to Michaels, I let them each pick a new toy.  After trying on princess hats and magic wands, Addi asked for a knight's sword and an elephant hat.  Sam followed suit and picked a tiger hat.  When we got home they got to playing "Get daddy the monster" and ran around, growling and yelling and playing how I would imagine little boys would play.  It was loud, rough, and just annoying enough to be fun. 

They took turns "getting" the monster until Addi stole the sword and wouldn't give it back to Sam.  I obviously forgot the golden rule of parenting... Don't buy just one cool new toy without risking Armageddon.

Sam tried out a few wrestling moves but that couldn't keep the monster down.

So she did what any self-respecting tomboy would do.

She attacked the monster with a magic teapot.  A pink, musical teapot.

Monster slayed. 

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Molly Ralph said...

That reminds me of my dad always called K,K, and me "the boys" yet we were the wimpiest, girliest children you could ever imagine. I guess it was his way of fulfilling his dream of having a boy :)

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