Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh, what a difference...

... a few months can make.

A little over three months ago I bragged here about what a doll Samantha was.  She was cuddly, she was sweet, she was the kind of kid a mom and dad dream of.

You think I would have learned by now to keep my big mouth shut.

Now, it's not that she's BAD, really.  More like she realized she has an opinion and would like to express it.  Like, NOW.  For example, last week she learned that her father's name was "Jay."  And from that point on she has refused to call him Daddy.  It's "Day, Day."  And she says it with this little smirk... she definitely knows exactly what she's doing.

She likes to tell us where she wants to be.  And wants no help getting there.

She has an opinion about what she will wear to bed.  Do NOT try to take boots off this girl.  I snuck in while she was sleeping and at least got them unzipped.  And please, don't even think about taking the headband she has around her waist off of her.

And, the newest obsession - wearing big girl undies. 

Yes, she went to school like this.  I did manage to get the headband from around her neck off, but I gave up trying to take the roo's off when she tried to bite me.  When I picked her up from school she was still proudly wearing them.

But, right after she sinks her teeth into your arm or hits you with her little tiny fist, she'll smile at you and melt your heart.

I'm doomed.

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Nicole - Life in Progress said...

Charlotte wears headbands around her waist too! What is that about?

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