Sunday, March 28, 2010

Around the house

Jay and I still have a few friends in the world who don't have kids yet.  When we talk, the conversations usually go something like this:

Me: "How are things with you?"
Them:  "Oh great!  Last weekend we jumped on a plane, went skiing in Colorado, and got serious hangovers from all the wine we drank.  It was awesome.  What did you do last weekend?"
Me:  "Oh, I had a great weekend too.  Jay and the kids played in the basement and I was so excited, I got to mop the kitchen!  Then we watched Spongebob and hung out on the couch."
Them:  [crickets]
Me: [attempting to fill the akward silence] "Oh, but you don't understand.  It was so great because no one was sick the whole weekend and we barely had to put the kids in time out.  Sam colored the wall but luckily it was washable marker, and Addi ran down the street but she had on pants, unlike last time, so it wasn't a huge deal."
Them:  "I'm never having kids."

If you are a parent, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.  Having kids changes your life in ways you'd never have thought of or imagine.  Your body, your house, your food, it all changes.  It's totally worth it of course - but I just laugh at my childless friends who are total control freaks about their house.  Honestly, most days I'm thrilled if I can do the dishes, let alone remove the stuffed animals from my bed before going to bed.  It can get a little frustrating at times and it's hard to see what's important.

Like today.  I went into the girls' bathroom to get their toothpaste.  And found this:

And, no, I did not do anything about it.  I figure if someone needs a cup they can just pick from the nice display Addi made.  In fact, I like to think that she was being super helpful for any future guests.  She's such a giver.

Or, when I walked in our bathroom and thought back to the big jacuzzi tub that sealed the deal for us on our house.  I can't tell you the last time I used this but the girls LOVE doing canon balls off the side.  Jay and I are getting used to tripping over plastic ducks that make their way into the shower on occasion.

Or when I went to get dressed this morning.  And tripped over daycare #5.  It was naptime and I got yelled at by both Sam and Addi for turning the lights on and waking the kids.  I apologized... Every mom knows you NEVER wake a sleeping baby.

Or when today, they were both so crabby and whiny and started fighting over who got to sit on my lap.  And when they settled for sharing me and rested their fever-y heads on both of my shoulders and my whole world stopped.  Just stopped.  In the blink of an eye, none of the other stuff mattered.  I had yogurt smeared on my shirt, Addi's "death breath" blowing my in face, and Sam staring at me with boogers everywhere, and there isn't anything about my life that I would change.

It's totally, totally, TOTALLY worth it.

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