Monday, February 8, 2010

Springtime Fresh

Saturday afternoon while Jay and Addi had some Daddy/Daughter bonding (aka going to the grocery store) Samantha and I hung out at home.  And it was fun-filled and educational for all, just like family bonding should be.

First, we practiced looking through our legs:

And I learned that Sam has amazing balance.  She stood like that for a full minute.

Then we went into the basement to play:

And I learned that Sam's sense of style has not swayed one bit.  And, she is no longer afraid of this rocking horse.

The we did some coloring:
And I learned that being short is not a handicap for this little girl.  She's an excellent climber.

Then we had a snack.

And I learned (thanks to my friends at Poison Control) that deodorant is not, in face, terribly dangerous when injested by small children.  Sam was happy, I was relieved, and she had amazing breath for HOURS.

1 comment:

'Frican Viktoria said...

Sam is sooo adorable. She's growing beatifully too!

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