Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Giving back

A few months ago I decided to join an Easter Seals team here in Peoria.  The goal is to raise some moolah for a great cause and help some kids along the way.

My team is pretty great - it includes a few of my coworkers and a few other people from Cat and the community.  Their main fundraiser each year is "Shoot to stay on target."  Basically we spend the day at a local sporting goods store, people come shoot their bow and arrows, and we raise money and have fun doing it.  Last week we headed to Bartonville and started raising some $.

Kim, Erin and Lindsey at the registration table:

Me and my new pal, Stan.  Because, you know, he's on a Stand.  I'm wearing silent auction gifts. 

Ashley modeling some boots and a camo backpack. 

And me (and Stan) modeling some waders.

We raised over $10,000!  I do credit myself for my amazing modeling skills.  I TOTALLY rocked those pants.

1 comment:

kathymyoung22 said...

And your dad would be so proud. You were the one he always took hunting while Lee and I stayed home and baked cookies! By the way, is that deer poking out of your head?

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