Monday, February 22, 2010

Forever friends

When we started looking for daycare when I was pregnant with Addison, we found the BEST family ever - the Rockes.  They are fun, caring, and LOVE our kids to pieces.

Last year we moved the girls to a preschool in order for Addi to start preparing for kindergarten (and to learn to sit still for more than 15 seconds).  We were heartbroken to leave Kim's but hoped we'd stay in touch.  A year later, we still talk to them regularly (and Addi still can't sit still.) 

For Christmas this year, Kim got both girls a stuffed kitty.  Almost three months later, they haven't parted ways since.  Seriously, Addi has slept with that cat every single night since she got her.  And when Addi hasn't hidden Sam's cat, she sleeps with her too.

I have a feeling the girls will keep these friends around for a long, long time.  Just like we will keep the Rockes around.  Hopefully forever.

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