Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sabrina and Addi

Jay is from a pretty big family - six kids, tons of aunts, uncles, cousins, and now nieces and nephews. There are plenty of perks that come from growing up "Brady".... He's great at sharing, great at pitching in to help in times of need, and if you ever need biscuits and gravy made on the fly for 25 people, he's your guy.

Growing up with a pretty small extended family, I absolutely adore having the big brood for my kids to grow up with. Although holidays are pretty hectic and there are people everywhere, I definitely wouldn't change a thing. And the kids LOVE their aunts, uncles and cousins.

Even though my side of the family is much smaller, the kids still love everyone. And Addi definitely has a favorite - Sabrina. Granted she only has two cousins to choose from and Lorelai is just a year old, but Sabrina is Addi's idol.

I'm pretty sure if Sabrina told Addi to jump, not only would she respond, "How high?" but she'd also offer to shine Sabrina's shoes mid air. She LOVES that girl.

Well, this spring my brother and family moved back to California after living in Indiana for a few years. And although we tried to make sure Addi understood that her favorite would not be around, I don't think she really GOT it.

Now, she understands that she can't see Sabrina every weekend. But that doesn't stop her from missing her. She is constantly asking when we can go on a plane to see "'Brina" and starts off many stories with "remember when 'Brina and I did xyz?"

Monday night I came in from volleyball to the family eating dinner. And this is what I saw:

Addi, eating dinner, with a picture of Sabrina in front of her. Her little three year old way of seeing her cousin.


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