Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our little ritual

I hadn't realized the "let's lay in bed and watch cartoons until we get sleepy" thing was a ritual until Sunday night.

That's when I laid Sam on my bed to get her jammies on and she crawled up to my pillow, climbed under the covers, pointed at the TV, and said, "Ugh! Ugh!" For those of you who don't speak Sam, I'm sure she meant, "Mommy can I please watch cartoons? Thank you so much Mommy. I love you and boy you are pretty."

Two minutes later Addi realized Sam had me all to herself and she joined us. As did a pink flip flop.

What a great ritual. I simply love it.

Now, the screaming bloody murder when I turned OFF the TV for bed... That part wasn't so fun.

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