Friday, November 6, 2009

My girly girl

I am not what you'd call super girly. Yes, I'm a girl, but the whole makeup/hair/clothes thing really isn't my cup of tea. I put effort into looking nice but I'd much rather spend my day in yoga pants and a t-shirt.

This could be why my kids pretty much ONLY have graphic tees and yoga pants. Seriously, they live in those things. And at this point I don't consider either of them extremely girly either - they love cars, being dirty, picking their nose, and not having their hair brushed. Dresses? They'll wear them if they have to but to be honest, they'd just as well be naked.

But my girls both love makeup. Addi LOVES for her nails to be painted and actually had a melt down last night because my toes were painted and hers weren't. And many Saturdays before bath time I let them go to town with makeup and make huge messes. And they love it. And I love that they love it and that it's cheap makeup I could care less about. Smear it on your head, I don't care!

They also love my nice, expensive makeup. Which I love a whole lot less.

Most mornings I try to get ready before waking up the kids. It's just so much easier, especially since Sam is in a clingy faze. Meaning, if I am standing, so is she. If I'm sitting, so is she. Kinda like a kangaroo. HANGING on me.

This morning I apparently wasn't quick enough and Sam woke up before I was totally ready for work. So after a few minutes attempting to get ready while holding Sam, I gave in and let her sit on the sink. First, she went after the Q-tips.

My makeup was the next victim.

She REALLY got into this part.

And just when my nerves started to unravel, she saw me taking pictures, looked up, and said "Teeeez."

Best morning ever.

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Patricia said...

LOL! That is awesome Steph! I run into the same problem with Ally and she wants to get into everyhing or wants me to hold her the whole time which makes getting ready difficult. She runs off with the makeup brush and then stops and turns around and comes back to see why I haven't followed. It is so precious. We are so lucky to have these beautiful little girls! Long live our "teeeeez" girls!


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