Thursday, November 19, 2009

PKFTVJWA Parenting

It’s been an interesting week as a parent. Because Addison has pretty much not stopped talking since, I don’t know, AUGUST, she has said and done some VERY random things this week. It’s seriously to the point where one day last weekend Jay said, “I just have to get out of the house for a little bit. I can’t take her talking to me anymore.”

Yeah, it wears you down. To combat it Jay and I have stretched our parenting skills to include the “PKFTVJWA” method. More commonly know as, Put the Kid in Front of the TV and Just Walk Away.

Here’s a VERY brief synapses of the past week or so. Just the highlights, don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable or anything.

  • Daddy said if I am good I can have a pet fish. OR a baby brother.
  • I’m getting a baby brother next week! YES I AM!
  • I am going to name my baby brother Vulva! NO, NOT VOLVO, MOMMY! VULVA!
  • I don’t like you and daddy. You are both crazy. And I don’t like crazy people.
  • I like Sam today. I won’t give her away now.
  • I went to time out today for saying the F word.
  • Is “What the” a bad word?
  • Is “and” a bad word?
  • Is “car” a bad word?
  • Is “bad” a bad word?
  • Come look right now at what Sam is doing!
  • Seriously, come look!
  • Mommy, come look now! She’s throwing hair clips on the bathroom floor.
  • See, I told you she was doing that.
  • Oh, yeah, I peed on the bathroom floor.
  • Those hair clips have pee on them!
  • I don’t want to go to bed.
  • Because my room scares me.
  • Because the color purple scares me.
  • Night mommy.
  • Can I leave my room if I have to go potty?
  • Can I cry for you?
  • Can I come downstairs to throw my Kleenex away?
  • Can I come in your room in the middle of the night and hug you?
  • Can I bring my pillow?
  • Move mommy, you are in my spot.
  • I dreamed of bad words last night.
  • Fisher is my best friend. He doesn’t say bad words.
  • Look, there are my boyfriends, Kiki and Oodie!
  • Mommy, I taught Sam to say Kiki!
  • Where’s my brother you said I could have?

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Kris said...

Sometimes your blog makes my life.

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