Friday, September 11, 2009

She’s a heart breaker

It’s not news to anyone that I adore my kids. Seriously, Sam is so stinkin' sweet that I could eat her with a spoon. Her walking up and giving me a hug is enough to make me melt into a little puddle on the ground. And her open mouth kisses? Icing on the slobbery cake.

Addi, too, is sweet in her own way. But she’s kind of like those Sour Patch Kids candies… you have to get through the bitter tartness to find the gooey sweet center.

On Tuesday afternoon I went to pick the kids up from school. I was really excited to see their reactions to seeing me, since it had been almost four full days since they last laid eyes on my glorious face.

I walked into Addi’s room, bracing for the inevitable run and hug she does when she seems me. I said, “Hi Addi!” and waited for the squeal.

And she squealed, all right.

In fact, she threw herself to the ground and started screaming, “You are not my Daddy! I wanted Daddy to pick me up! Go away, you are not my friend anymore!”

And my heart broke into a million tiny pieces.

After several hours of the cold shoulder she finally “friended” me again and even gave me a hug and kiss before bed. And the next day all was right in the world and she was crying when I left her at school, just like normal.

The pieces of my heart aren’t fully mended, but there’s hope.

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